A little more info



As you know, my name is Brendan. The reason I started this blog is for a new Corporate Communications class. I go to Penn State University, pursuing a bachelors degree, while also working for a company called Fastenal.

My hopes for this blog are to touch on some of the topics that I really enjoy, while also hitting on some subjects pertaining to my class. I have many interests, but my love is of all sports. I am a Philadelphia big four sports fan through and through. Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, Flyers in that order. I am also a golf, college basketball and football junkie. I am Penn State athletics fan, obviously football. My bias may also come out when it comes to Villanova basketball.

My schedule is crazy; wake up, work all day then school, 5 days a week all semester. My goal is graduate after the fall semester 2017. After that, who knows, I have no clue what I want to do career wise. I’ve always seen myself in sales or business, but even that is up in the air. I’ve never considered social media as a tool to get a job in the communications field, but I’m beginning to come around.

This doesn’t differentiate me from many people in my generation, who knows what they want to do at this stage in life. Everyone just wants to be successful. I hope to update this blog as I continue through that stage and on to bigger and better things (I hope).

Thanks for reading.


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