Let me introduce you to Bounce Exchange

b48f93f3-9083-409d-bcbb-160ed4415cf8-1674-0000014be90254e8_tmpIntroducing the fastest growing software company in the United States, Bounce Exchange. In just the past three years, BounceX has experienced a 14,500% growth in revenue! Bounce Exchange is a digital marketing company based in New York, but they are way more than that. This company has revolutionized behavioral marketing and analytics. Bounce builds in-depth profiles of the individuals that visit websites, and create personal marketing plans based on behavioral patterns opposed to basic interests and lifestyles.

BounceX is trusted globally and used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Companies like; Comcast, Sears, Lufthansa and many more. There are certain qualities of Bounce Exchange that set them apart from the rest of the market, most importantly, focusing on a person’s digital body language. CEO, Ryan Urban says, “The only way marketers will succeed is if they create non-disruptive digital experiences. And the key? Identifying your consumers, and getting them to come back again and again. Behavior marketing is recreating the way that brands communicate with consumers, unlocking the ability to establish humanized connections.”

In 2017, everybody is on social media. A ridiculous percentage of our population shops online. It’s always surprising to see an advertisement that correlates directly to you on any website you visit. With all the information that these marketing companies have access to, it should be expected. In this day and age, your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it are littered with ads catered exclusively to you.

Its almost scary what these companies have access to, and what each user gives them. It’s a certainty that in 2017, we are going to see these advertisements. At least companies like Bounce Exchange are making sure it’s the most relevant and non-disruptive as possible. #FirstWorldProblems



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