How to run a successful ad campaign using social media 

Any company worth their salt has been using social media to their advantage for at least the last five years. In 2017, it is nearly impossible to reach an audience or push products and services without it. According to this Forbes Article, tapping into the social media market and communicating with potential customers is not just a suggestion but a requirement. It’s hard to imagine the days of door to door salesmen, cold calling, and paper advertisements with all the avenues that companies have at their disposal today. Believe it or not, Twitter and Facebook seem to be the most popular medium of advertising in the world. Forward thinking businesses are using anything from LinkedIn to Instagram, Snapchat and anything in between. While reaching such a wide array of people, these companies are actually saving money on advertising costs while increasing the effectiveness of this marketing. Today I want to go over a basic “How To” on how to successfully run an advertising campaign using these social media platforms, and go over the advantages of doing so. I am not an expert. I have very little experience in this field, but I am active throughout social media and have heard from many people who are experts with plenty of experience. With a little help from the Google machine, I hope this post can be helpful and informative to anyone, from the stay at home mom selling beauty products on the side to the CEO offering wealth management services to 1% clientele. 

So why is social media so important? The number one objective of any ad campaign is to reach new people and sell your product. Through social media, your small business can quickly go global and reach users who otherwise would have never found your product or service. It basically boils down to the simple fact that when you create an ad, you can determine what kind of user you want to target and place that ad directly in their feed. A business can connect with the right customers, and do so at a fraction of the cost. When it comes to Facebook advertising, you can choose a daily budget or choose an amount for the lifetime of the ad. After that you are charged a small amount per click to your website, a lot different from buying a page in the Philadelphia Inquirer and paying it to run for a week with no idea who’s reading it. Facebook would also provide you with advanced analytics on who’s viewing and interacting with your advertisement. A company called MarketingProfs did a survey on the effectiveness on social media advertising and some of the numbers were off the charts. According to that survey: 

  • 78% of social marketers said they were either very satisfied of somewhat satisfied with the value Facebook ads provide
  • 60% of the people in the study said they’ve purchased from a business that they saw on Twitter
  • 43% of the Twitter users say they plan to buy regularly from the businesses that they follow

Knowing this, where can you start? The key to any successful advertising campaign starts with goals. Anybody who has dealt with advertising before has used the acronym, S.M.A.R.T. Meaning; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. All goals must conform to these five attributes. After that, establish your target audience. Who do you want to pursue? What do you want to get out of these individuals, and how quickly? Know your demographics and who is using your product or services, this will increase the effectiveness of the advertising medium you plan to use. After that, figure out your budget. Marketing through social media, especially Facebook ads and Twitter have been very cost effective for many firms. Businesses find that these platforms produce new potential customers who are serious about the product. All that costs is a few cents or dollars per click depending on what sort of plan you intend to use. Finally, and maybe most importantly, is what type of content will your business provide? Will it be strictly advertisements that show up on the side of a page, or can you expand to informational posts and enticing videos? Will your company need to invest in professional photos or videos, or hire someone to manage your social media presence? These are all important things to consider when jumping into social media. 

So armed with all this information, decide whether a social media marketing campaign is the right thing for your business. It is… What’s important is how you pull off this campaign. What mediums do you plan to use? Are you interested in just Facebook ads, or would you expand throughout Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.? Here’s a few tips for the successful push in the direction of social media. 

  1. Have a social strategy – just like a marketing strategy, know what you are doing before diving in. Have a plan on how to increase sales, improve search engine rankings, and enhance the customer experience. 
  2. Find your voice – be unique and different, don’t come across as a robot behind the computer. Show some personality and make it fit your brand. Remember, be consistent. 
  3. Respond and engage with users – social media starts with being social. Talk to your customers, positive or negative it doesn’t matter. Be present and engage, it goes a long way in building relationships and showing your culture. Customers will appreciate it. 
  4. Focus on customer service – remember that in the technology age, your Twitter or Facebook page is basically a customer service representative. So stay loyal to your customers and they will do they same to you. Accept negative comments and work to fix them, promote positive feedback. The customer is always right. 

A company called SocialFresh wrote an article about customer expectations from social companies and I thought this graphic was very telling. 

I hope that you found this post to be at least a little bit enlightening on advertising and interacting on social media. Maybe it will push your business to consider more in this realm. As I mentioned, it’s extremely cost conscious and effective in finding new customers. I believe it will only improve advertising and the success of a company. Today, being a social business is one of the most important parts of growth. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. 


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